About Oriental Tyres & Wheels

Oriental Tyres & Wheels is a direct selling agent of multi quality manufacturers of China, and one of the few suppliers that supply wide range PCR, Truck, OTR tyres, etc.


Our Goal

1.   Reducing costs and passing the benefits to our business partners in Australia.

2.    Providing true one stop services, e.g. ordering, shipping, customs clearance, local cartage, etc.

3.    Working together with local business partners to increase their competitiveness.

4.    Helping our business partners to retain the existing customers, and developing new customers.


Our Concept

1.    Direct ordering from the manufacturers in China (Costs involve before you order from local suppliers: Manufacturers – Exporter – Importer – Wholesaler, Credit term, etc. Every party has to mark up 10~25% to cover their costs and profit).

2.    Providing International JIT (Just in Time) without local warehousing facilities.

3.    Arranging shipping and import processing when arrival Australia.


Why choose Oriental Tyres & Wheels?

1.    We are seeking for business partners, not just simply looking for customers.

2.    We are the direct selling agent, not just a trading company.

3.    We treat your interest (costs, risks, profits, etc) as ours!

4.    We may advise the best time to purchase before the raw material’s prices changing.

5.    We may create your own brand tyres if reaching certain qty of certain size.


Oriental Tyres & Wheels supply multi brand of tyres (over 200 different size ) direct shipped from quality manufacturers of China.

We supply about 200 different size of tyres with the below categories: